"Jacquie is a very calm, comforting, loving person, and is a wealth of knowledge. Having her for postpartum care was an invaluable decision for our family. As a result of Jacquie's exemplary care I was a calmer, more informed, and well-rested mother. Being a first time Mom, I felt empowered by her.  I can't imagine what the first month with our twins would have been like without Jacquie!"

... Amber and Scott

"Jacquie responded promptly to my initial inquiry and was warm and keen to help my family member who had just had her first baby. Jacquie recognized the importance of breastfeeding to my family member, went to her home, identified a possible tongue tie and made a referral to an appropriate health care provider. My family member felt very supported and understood by Jacquie and the feedback from our family was that Jacquie's services were the best baby gift she received. I am a breastfeeding educator and doula, and I will be keeping Jacquie's contact information on hand for any referrals needed in Calgary." 


" Jacquie is a truly amazing person. She is incredibly calm and loving and she has so much knowledge around birthing, postpartum, and breastfeeding. She has been a support to us for both the birth of our son and our daughter and I know we could not have done it as well without her. I cannot say enough how her presence was such a positive experience for us and we will always cherish her."  

...Julia and Scott